live sound engineer - system tech


Evan Kirkendall is a skilled, experienced, touring Front of House Engineer and System Technician. He has worked for various national touring artists over the past 7 years doing Front of House Sound in venues ranging from 500 to 50,000+ capacities. His skills allow him to constantly achieve the absolute best sonic performance out of every sound system. Evan Kirkendall takes the time to get to know each artist individually to ensure perfection at all of their live performances. He has the training, knowledge, and friendly personality to make sure any performance goes off without a hitch.


  1. -SMAART V5.4: Can do phase alignment of low frequency systems, time alignment of delay lines, fills, and zoned-coverage sound reinforcement systems for optimal sound quality and performance.

  1. -Soldering: Can perform anything from basic cable soldering to advanced electronic soldering.

- d&b Array Calc: Fluent with the d&b line array calculator program.

  1. -Array Steering: Can do Positioning and processing for cardioid, endfire, and delay-arced subwoofer arrays

  1. -PA tuning: Using all of the above skills, optimize the PA for stellar sonic and dynamic performance.

  1. -FOH Mixing: Excellent quality mixes of any style focused on vocal and mix clarity.

  1. -People Skills: Excellent interaction skills with other people. Able to handle the most demanding situations without breaking down, and make unbiased, clear minded decisions that will benefit the situation.


Evan Kirkendall: Evan@HarfordSound.com